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Hiking in Maine-et-Loire

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Walking tours

The marvelous landscapes of the Anjou region undeniably make you want to roam in nature. Hiking is even a very popular activity in Maine-et-Loire. Many circuits are offered to the hikers. Whether you want to go on short or long hikes, you will find shoes to fit your feet in Anjou. The paths between the Maine, the Loire and Layon rivers, the castles of the Loire, the lower valleys of the Angers, the Loire valley… are all areas to explore.

For the knowledgeable hikersThe GR3, starting from the source of the Loire and crossing the department from east to west; the GR 3D starting from Chênehutte-Trèves-Cunault to Saint-Aubin-de-Luigné; the GR3E from Angers to Ingrandes or the GR 36 and the GR 35. There are also walks and hikes adapted to families for a few hours or a day out in the fresh air.

The small hikes around Angers, Brissac, Layon and many other villages in Maine et Loire are ideal for beginners. These hiking trails will lead you through diverse landscapes of hedged farmland, vineyards, riverbanks, remains of slate quarries, local schist houses, etc. You will be guided by the markings and orientation boards. You will also find services and amenities as you walk along. The ideal time to go hiking in the 49 is during low water, that is from May to October.

The routes are practicable and accessible to most people at this time. Most of the tours allow you to meet people and visit the countryside and villages of Anjou, to discover a small heritage, picturesque monuments, natural sites but also to taste local products. Hiking in Anjou is not only about enjoying the pleasures of walking, it is also about discovering new things.

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Walking trails near Angers

Traveling through the Anjou region along the long-distance footpaths, the short-distance footpaths or the path to Compostela via the Plantagenet route are great ways to enjoy the most beautiful landscapes and sights of the region.

Around Angers, near the Port Caroline campsite, discover several itineraries that will allow you to see all of its finery up close. A short walk in the Parc Saint-Nicolas to observe grey herons, ducks and other birds will be ideal for the less active.


There is also the Tour des Rives de Loir, an 8 km circuit starting in Villevêque, with a 15 m difference in altitude for easy family hikes; the Brissac circuit, to discover the vineyards around the Château over 7 km the hike of the Hyrôme and Layon Valley, to admire waterways, vineyards, hillsides and historical discoveries; or the old stones around the Sansonnière to see the vestiges of human activities scattered in the Angevin countryside (dolmen, menhir, wash house, mill, priory), and troglodytic constructions often surprising.

Experienced hikers can try the discovery of the Basses Vallées Angevines, a 90 km loop circuit to be done in 4 days to explore the Natura 2000 classified site and all its richness in fauna and flora.

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